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Our fight against Germs/Viruses

By design, our Park and Virtual Reality Arcade already feature elements that combat germs:

  • Our park is OUTDOORS - open air, UV rays from sunshine and warm weather all promote germ killing
  • Our park's large 11,000+ square foot layout & variety of inflatables allow for families to spread out and enjoy play time without standing in long lines or crowding
  • Our VR Arcade only holds four game players at a time. Each play area is an 8' x 8' space, which already exceeds social-distancing guidelines
  • Our VR Arcade is vented and air-circulated

To further lower the risk of germ exposure, we routinely clean & disinfect all our equipment as follows:

  • All inflatables, benches, tables and other surfaces within the park grounds are cleaned & disinfected daily with EPA-approved cleaners proven to kill viruses including SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19)
  • The Port-A-Jon even gets wiped down daily!
  • All VR equipment and accessories are disinfected between each use
  • Handheld UV sanitizers used on all our surfaces throughout the day

And as always, Hand sanitizer dispensers and wipes are available for our customers!!

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