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Our number one priority is for everyone to have a fun, clean & safe experience! Below are some safety rules that we ask all visitors to follow to ensure this >

Safety Rules for adults/riders:

•Supervision by a responsible adult is required at all times.

•All riders should be aware of rules posted on the inflatables and in our park.

•Entry into the inflatable device should be done in an orderly and controlled manner.

•Riders should be of similar age, weight and height range. Older children should not bounce with younger children of differing size.

•Persons under the influence of any “Intoxicating” substances are not permitted in the bounce house area or on the premises.

•No smoking permitted in the bounce house area or on the premises.

•No pets allowed on the premises.

•No shoes, eyeglasses, jewelry, or sharp objects.

•No somersaults, diving, wrestling, flips, jumping from the tops of our slides, rough play, climbing on the outside and hanging on the net are allowed in the inflatable.

•No food, drinks, gum, pets, silly string, colored hair spray or confetti is allowed in the park or inflatables.

•Riders must wear socks, to protect from slide or velcro burns.

**We reserve our right to remove anyone who fails to follow our rules, no refunds.

Additionally, below are precautions that we will use on a daily basis to keep you & your family safe from injury >

Our Daily Safety checklist:

•Weather conditions are safe for operation of inflatable device.

•Seams and velcro are secure and in good condition.

•Tie-down straps are strong and show no breakage.

•Inflatable is anchored or sandbagged and secured in place.

•Entrance/ safety flap is secure and in place.

•Entrance/Exits are clear of obstructions.

•Warning and Rule signage is in place and visible.

•Internal air pressure is sufficient for sure footing.

•No debris or sharp objects are present.

•Blower is clean, firmly attached to inflatable & working.

•Electrical cords are free from wear and do not pose hazard to riders. 

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