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Mobile Business Opportunity

Our park was designed to be a turnkey, mobile business, and it would be great to pass it on as an entire package, but we are open to other options. Here is a breakdown of what Jump Around Fun Center has:


•‘Mega’ Obstacle that includes 4 detachable sections that totals 91 feet in length & reaches 22 feet high. Side by side racing ladders/walls, sliding down slides, and climbing through tunnels

•‘Rolling Hills’ Zorb track obstacle is 75 feet long, where two zorb balls race side by side up/down the hills of the tracks

•‘Wacky World’ obstacle 28’ x 29’ has twists, turns, tunnels and slides with punching bag style barriers to weave through, and a bouncing area

•20’ x 40’ maze for all ages to get lost or play a little hide/seek in

•‘Kid Zone’ combo 16’ x 16’ bouncer with slide & basketball hoop (this one can be used with water or dry, but only has been used as a dry unit)

•Large traditional bouncer 17.6’ x 14.6’ with zipping closure and roof

•Multi-lane slide that reaches 20 feet high. 30’ x 21’ in size. Four sliders can race down each lane at the same time

•Playland island for toddlers 25’ x 15’ that has a small climbing pyramid, tunnel rings and a mini slide, all contained in an oval shaped inflatable

•Mini obstacle for toddlers 19’ x 9’

•Mini bouncer for toddlers 12’ x 7.6’

Virtual Reality arcade:

•The Virtual reality arcade is a customized mobile trailer manufactured from USA Cargo in 2019, 8’ tall x 8.5’ wide x 32’ long V-nose with extended tongue

•Completely customized to include up to four 8’ x 8’ bays for VR play areas. Partitions are easily removable to make larger play areas for VR games needing more roaming space. Custom rope lighting is installed throughout the interior. 1 ½” insulation on all walls, walls are custom carpeted, rubberized flooring covers entire trailer, a front storage room has been built in the interior V-nose section, and 3 custom 36” RV style doors with recessed step in doors were installed

•The trailer has a 13,500 btu roof top air conditioner, 19,000 btu propane-ducted furnace. For electric, it has 1 – 30 amp 12 volt power converter with 6-way fuse block and 2 – 120 volt plug-in lines

•Outside of trailer has custom vinyl wrapping

•Virtual reality equipment list includes –

o4 – VR ready, high power gaming towers

o4 – VR headsets

o4 – VR wireless headset adapters

o8 – VR tracking base stations

o4 – 22” flat screen TVs, 4 keyboards, extra cords, battery packs, chargers & other accessories

Nerf battlefield:

•‘Zombie’ decorated barrels, barriers, accessories

•Variety of Nerf guns/bullets for Nerf wars

The entire park setup, picnic area setup, admissions office, signage and storage trailer would be included as a 'whole package' purchase. Name branding, website domain, phone number, etc. could also be transferred to new owners.

Serious inquiries only. Please contact us if interested in working something out! email us at or call 231-852-4909 (leave message)

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